About us

Canzasteel, s.r.o. is an engineering business that produces technological equipment, specializing in construction. With our technology we are able to produce a broad range of high quality machinery products.

The main productivity of Canzasteel,s.r.o. is:

  • manufacture according to job order and technical requirements
  • manufacturing of welded steel structures with machined surfaces and a complex solution of mounting equipment.
  • imports and distribution of steel material
          - sectional steel
          - sheet – metal stock
          - pipes/tubes
          - non-ferrous metals
          - fasteners

The advantages of Canzasteel, s.r.o.is:

  • a responsible approach to business
  • customer satisfaction
  • qualified employees
  • an ability to provide whole industrial plants, including installation
  • flexible production program
  • superior quality and utility value of products

Our main goal is to provide high quality complex services for our customers, to be their responsible partner and strive to achieve maximum benefits for all parties involved.